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4 precautions for stage truss construction

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  SHIZHAN Group has been committed to Truss stage solution, sales of truss stage for many years, and has rich experience in stage truss construction.

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  The flatness of the stage area is the first issue to pay attention to. The platform for display and publicity on the stage is the platform for the host or performer to stand. The most important thing for the platform is flatness. The area where the stage is built should be the ground of the platform. If it cannot be replaced due to site restrictions, you should use some auxiliary utensils or adjust the screw to maintain the level.

  For the stage, the stage position and stage angle are the second issues to pay attention to. For the purpose of publicity and the effect of the event, the stage should attract as many audiences as possible. Choose an open perspective in the area of the event, which will help the event performance be seen by more audiences.

  Stage truss size is the third issue that needs attention. According to the location of the stage and the environment, the decoration style of the hotel is different, and the height from the ground to the ceiling is different. The size of the truss cannot exceed this height.

  Stage truss safety is the fourth and most important issue. During the construction process, every link needs to be carefully, tightened, and hung well to ensure the safety of the stage later. During the construction process, the security line or special guards should be used to prevent people or children from entering the unsafe area. After the construction is complete, check all the tools and parts, do not drop the parts and do not install them, and do not leave the tools on the scene, causing unnecessary injury.

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