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Stage truss quickly install a stage

Date: 04.02.2020 Viewed: times

I believe that everyone has seen the stage, and even if they have not seen it on the scene, they have seen it on TV and the Internet, but few people know how the stage is set up. Now that all kinds of draft shows are hot, the stage truss has become a hot product. So what is the so-called stage truss?

Have you ever participated in a stage performance? The most important thing for stage construction is the stage truss. A stage is often a combination of many stage trusses. Stage trusses are products that can be reused multiple times. They are easy to install and disassemble, and can save the manpower and material resources of stage installation and disassembly to the greatest extent. 

There are many options for the size of the stage truss. If you use the stage for a long time, you can go directly to the stage truss manufacturer to customize a suitable stage truss. The World Exhibition Group focuses on the production of high-quality stage trusses made of aluminum alloy, which can meet various custom requirements.

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