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The structure and characteristics of aluminum mobile scaffolding

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Aluminum mobile scaffolding is a safe and reliable large-scale construction equipment that uses rack and pinion transmission to make the scaffolding work platform rise and fall smoothly. The aluminum mobile scaffolding platform can be placed anywhere on the horizontal line, and the operator can install it according to actual needs. This kind of humanized design greatly improves the operator's work efficiency and reduces the operator's labor intensity. The safety design of aluminum mobile scaffolding ensures the safety of installation and users. Its materials and tools can be transported without other construction equipment, thereby reducing the pressure of vertical transportation in engineering construction.


Aluminum mobile scaffolding is a commonly used aluminum scaffolding on the market. Because of its simple and convenient connection, it is widely used in outdoor advertising and decoration. Aluminum mobile scaffolding products are flexible and changeable. In addition to being used alone, they can also be used as large-scale structural supports for construction sites. The maximum load of aluminum mobile scaffolding can reach 900kg, and it can also be specially designed and produced according to customer requirements, and equipped with different accessories to meet the actual needs of users.


Aluminum mobile scaffolding structure:

It is mainly composed of main frame, horizontal frame, diagonal brace, scaffold, adjustable base, etc. A cross pole (also called a diagonal pole) is a cross pole that connects two masts longitudinally. The flat parts at both ends of the pole are punched with pin holes. During the assembly process, the pin holes are firmly locked by the lock pins on the mast. Surface treatment of casters: also called ground wheels, which can be installed on the lower part of the movable scaffold to form a movable scaffold.

 Mobile Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

Features of aluminum mobile scaffolding:

1. Lightweight

Aluminum mobile scaffolding uses lightweight and very strong aviation aluminum alloy as the material. Its components are very light and easy to install, transport and store. The weight of the scaffold is only 1/3 of the traditional steel structure scaffold, so there is no need to worry about crushing the ground.

2. The structure is stable

The connection strength of aluminum mobile scaffolding components is very high and very stable. The design of its supporting mechanism is very scientific, and the overall structure is stable and reliable. The aluminum mobile scaffolding component adopts the new cold work technology of internal expansion and external pressure. The destructive pulling force of its joint reaches 4100-4400Kg, which is far greater than the pulling force of 2100Kg. The 12-meter-high double-width frame has a load-bearing capacity of up to 500Kg. The weight of each tower is 272Kg, and the weight of the entire tower is 900Kg.

3. Easy to install

Its overall structure adopts "component" combination design, with standardized components and no loose parts. Aluminum mobile scaffolding does not require any installation tools, and two workers can build a 20-meter high-altitude work platform in a short time.

4. Easy to move

Aluminum mobile scaffolding is equipped with high-strength casters with brakes, which can be moved and locked at will, which is very convenient for continuous use in multiple different operating positions.

5. Strong applicability

The height of aluminum mobile scaffolding legs can be adjusted freely, and can be used according to steps, stairs and complex terrain. It uses polyurethane casters to avoid damage to marble, wooden floors and lawns. It can be used in narrow spaces, structures and operations.

6. Flexible combination

Aluminum mobile scaffolding can be specially designed and manufactured according to users' special maintenance or operation requirements for different terrains and environments.

7. Anti-corrosion and maintenance-free

All parts of aluminum mobile scaffolding have undergone special anti-oxidation treatment. It does not rust and does not corrode chemicals. The joints are solid sandblasted castings, and the product has a service life of more than 30 years without maintenance.


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