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What to do if the stage truss is deformed?

Date: 03.02.2020 Viewed: times

Stage truss deformation is a manifestation of the truss being severely damaged. If it continues to be used, it may cause an accident.

First of all, under what circumstances will the truss be deformed? In the truss welding process, if the welding technology experience is lacking, it will easily lead to the truss deformation. In addition, the rigidity of the stage truss material, the planned location of the welds, standards and material characteristics are all factors that cause the truss to deform.

Bolt Square Truss

Bolt Square Truss

What should I do if I find that the truss is deformed? If the stage truss is found to be deformed when it leaves the factory, please consult with us immediately for return and exchange. If the truss is deformed due to excessive force during use, please immediately check the deformation of the stage truss and report it to us for identification to confirm whether the truss can continue to be used normally. SHIZHAN Group specializes in the production of stage trusses and solves the problems of dance trusses for customers.

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