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Three important factors for stage truss design

Date: 10.03.2020 Viewed: times
In the construction of the stage, the role of the truss system cannot be ignored. The stability of the stage truss often involves many aspects. Whether the design of the truss is stable and durable is an important factor in purchasing the stage truss. What are the basic requirements for the stage truss? How about it?
The first is to maintain sufficient strength. Only sufficient strength can ensure that the aluminum truss does not break or deform. This can ensure the stability of the stage or exhibition stand constructed by these trusses.
The second point is to have sufficient rigidity. This is to require that the aluminum truss does not undergo elastic variation when it is subjected to sufficient pressure to change its shape and design appearance.
The third and most important point is that it needs to be modified and improved on the basis of completing the first and second points. It is necessary to ensure that the truss has sufficient long-term stability to protect the personal safety of on-site personnel.

Therefore, the design of the truss is also quite demanding. Have good connecting rods, superb welding technology, reasonable size and the most suitable raw materials.
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