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How does your truss workmanship?

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How good is the stage truss you bought?How to judge this?

Square Spigot Truss

Square Spigot Truss

How the truss works should be judged from the selected raw materials. At present, the truss is made of 6082-T6 or 6061-T6 materials, so the material certification of the product must be identified. In fact, it can be basically distinguished by the eyes, because the aluminum alloy on the surface of this material has a metallic luster and has the characteristics of high strength. Unlike some trusses made of other materials, although the appearance color has been processed, the performance itself is poor.
Secondly, the workmanship of the truss is viewed from the quality of the weld bead. The truss is welded, and the weld bead processed by high-quality electrodes and advanced technology will not have major defects.
Finally, the smoothness of the assembly can also be used as a criterion for judging the quality of the truss and the basis for the use of the truss. Not only must the assembly be smooth, but the truss stage must be stable.

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