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Outdoor expansion truss project-variable amusement equipment

Date: 29.10.2020 Viewed: times

  The outdoor expansion project is coming! Whether it’s just listening, it’s fascinating. At present, all the outdoor expansion equipment we see use conventional wooden boards or fixed structures as the main amusement facilities. Although it is economical, it lacks flexibility and is not conducive to subsequent maintenance and relocation.   In view of this market situation, after in-depth communication with customers, the World Exhibition Group has completely solved the market pain points, designed and developed the above new amusement facilities. The main body adopts all-aluminum alloy truss as the design inspiration, and it becomes the common equipment on the market. Variety of amusement equipment! Outdoor expansion truss   Customers are very welcome to customize their plans or venues to customize unique products to make your equipment more efficient and more practical. Outdoor expansion truss Outdoor expansion truss   Is the outdoor expansion of the Shizhan refreshing? Compared with the general expansion, it is properly "squeezed in appearance". Don't just look at its appearance. In fact, it all uses the national standard 6061/T6 aluminum alloy, which is corrosion resistant. While rusting, the structural strength is not sloppy at all. For customer customization, we will all conduct stress analysis and trial construction by professional engineers to ensure the safety of the customer's use process.   We will try to build the complex structure responsibly. If the customer has problems with the construction, we will also arrange professional construction staff to provide on-site service. It is our mission to avoid any of your concerns. Outdoor expansion truss   No matter what questions or concerns you have about this, you are also passionate about the product. Welcome to contact us: jsshizhan@shizgroup.com, the Shizhan welcomes every customer professionally and warmly. Shizhan factory

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