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lighting truss stage​​​-truss guangzhou top supplier
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  It cannot be denied that China's status as the world's factory. Choosing a good Chinese supplier can help your company get more profits. However, in China, which is thousands of miles away, the high-quality requirements of lighting truss stage are very important, but it is difficult to choose a good top supplier. Don't worry, let us give you some tips.

  1. How to find Chinese suppliers?

  1). The Internet is the most economical method.

  Promote your product keywords on B2B and China-made products such as Google or Alibaba.

  Your keywords can be lighting truss stage, stage truss, aluminum roof truss, etc.

  2). Exhibitions are the best way to get to know more suppliers in a short time and search for related exhibitions, such as Pro light, Get show PALM, etc.

  Ask the exhibition organizer for the list of exhibitors and they will be more than happy to provide it.

  Below is a picture of a professional aluminum truss company in the exhibition.

  3). Contact these suppliers via email or phone

  4). Visit an exhibition or their company or invite someone to visit them.

  5). An introduction by your friend.

  2. How to ensure that the truss supplier is the one you want?

  If you are not a one-time buyer or want better after-sales service, you should find an aluminum truss manufacturer instead of a trading company.

  Check their website to see if they produce many different products. Usually, manufacturing is focused on certain products, because different products require different facilities, which would be a huge investment, and truss manufacturing usually does not do this . Check the company's address, usually not in the city center or CBD truss manufacturing plant.

  The following is the SHIZHAN factory. You are always welcome to come to our company!

  We are located in Wuxi City. Shizhan Group is committed to the stage of aluminum truss system, which is truss guangzhou top supplier. The lighting truss stage is exported to many countries and regions in the world, such as the United States, Canada, the European Union, Japan, Africa and Southeast Asia.

  Tell the supplier your request to see their response. Choosing a medium-sized manufacturer is usually the best choice. They can work with you flexibly and quickly, and their prices should be in the medium range. Don't choose the cheapest one before you don't know the company. The cost of raw materials of different quality may be different. Although choosing the most expensive product is not our best choice for China's lighting truss stage, right?

  Ask the sales staff if they like their work and want to work for a longer time in the company. If they can, it is a good start and a good signal for you. Your after-sales service is highly guaranteed.

  3. How to ensure the quality of lighting truss stage is what you want?

  1) Travel to his company or check the quality of its truss at its booth.

  2) You have workers who can check the quality before shipment.

  3) Tell the sales staff how much you value quality. Send you the picture when finished. The staff of the shizhan group will do this for each order: take pictures before shipment and take pictures when loading the container. Please check the following pictures in shizhan group. Cooperating with shizhan group, you can see the order pictures earlier.

  4) Certification.

  We'd better choose a truss manufacturer with different certifications. Customs will sometimes require proof, and event organizers will also ask for proof. Especially aluminum roof truss, must ensure that the load capacity is sufficiently safe. Otherwise, you can't fall in business life. The shizhan group has passed the CE TUV SGS certification, and some products have obtained some patent certifications.

  Okay, if you want to know more about how to check the quality of trusses, just contact me via email:info1@shizgroup.com or telephone contact 86-18061978968.

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  We were told that the main reason for choosen us are as below:

  You are company group and the largest factory for truss stage barrier in china as we known

  Have 15 years Experience

  Professional Engineer Design Team which offers us the perfect solutions for our project.

  Have your Own Raw Material Factory which can control the production cost and save the purchase cost for us.

  Your Professional QC team which make sure everything in good condition before delivery this make us very satisfied

  Your Products has got so many Certifications : CE /ISO9001/TUV/SGS which prove that your products quality are really good and this also make us have more confidence on your products.


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